On Musing Losing

Official entry in Madness! Poetry 2019 ~ Qualified

One thing that I find amusing (although others find confusing)

Is the way that lose and losing don’t look much like bruise and bruising.

Should we pity strangers’ views of all the ways that English skews

Our patterns of linguistic cues from hues and hoos to who’s and whose?

I think, instead, let’s spread the news of remedies for language blues.

Then sufferers can pick and choose from therapies of booze and brews.

Valentine’s Day Mess ‘n Cure

2019 Susanna Leonard Hill’s Valentiny Contest ~ Finalist

Dear Mom and Dad,

When you wake up,

you’ll see your tea and coffee cup.

(Don’t worry, ‘cause the broom worked well for cleaning up the plate that fell.)

I made you toast with jam and butter, wiped the crumbs but left some clutter.

(Couldn’t get some sticky spots off counters, tables, chairs, and pots.)

A napkin holds a chocolate heart that you can simply break apart.

(Yes, there were two, but I concede, how much dark chocolate does one need?)

This card is trimmed in frilly lace to put a smile upon your face.

(Oh, by the way, the sewing kit? It now needs straightening up a bit.)

I hope your Valentine’s Day fun is nicer ‘cause of what I’ve done

(and sort of wondering if you might, push back my time for bed tonight?)


P.S. Uh-oh…I’m feeling bad. I wanted you to be so glad

but went about it like a jerk and caused you both a lot of work.

I wasn’t such a thoughtful kid. I should have cared—not like I did.

When you wake up, let’s make a plan, and I’ll correct what goofs I can.

With Love and Kisses,

You Know Who (I love you both a bunch, I DO!)