Valentine’s Day Mess ‘n Cure

2019 Susanna Leonard Hill’s Valentiny Contest ~ Finalist

Dear Mom and Dad,

When you wake up,

you’ll see your tea and coffee cup.

(Don’t worry, ‘cause the broom worked well for cleaning up the plate that fell.)

I made you toast with jam and butter, wiped the crumbs but left some clutter.

(Couldn’t get some sticky spots off counters, tables, chairs, and pots.)

A napkin holds a chocolate heart that you can simply break apart.

(Yes, there were two, but I concede, how much dark chocolate does one need?)

This card is trimmed in frilly lace to put a smile upon your face.

(Oh, by the way, the sewing kit? It now needs straightening up a bit.)

I hope your Valentine’s Day fun is nicer ‘cause of what I’ve done

(and sort of wondering if you might, push back my time for bed tonight?)


P.S. Uh-oh…I’m feeling bad. I wanted you to be so glad

but went about it like a jerk and caused you both a lot of work.

I wasn’t such a thoughtful kid. I should have cared—not like I did.

When you wake up, let’s make a plan, and I’ll correct what goofs I can.

With Love and Kisses,

You Know Who (I love you both a bunch, I DO!)

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