MADNESS!POETRY 2019 ROUND 4 (fundamental) advanced

So yesterday…well
I’m sure no one predicted
that dad would yell he’d take my cell
and say that I’m addicted

Dude SMH
Cause that’s so lame
But even I admit
Your cell phone use is way too loose
You could cut back a bit

Yo that’s a lie
Cause FYI
I don’t deserve his wrath
The phone don’t beep when I’m asleep
Or when I’m in the bath

you’re about
as hooked as you can be
You take the phone into the throne
I hear you when you pee!

Oops, sorry bro
That’s TMI
I hear you…
From now on
There’s no dispute, I’ll use the mute
When heading to the john

I’m glad to see
You’re hearing what I text
Can’t do the time? Don’t do the crime!
JK so what’s up next?

The fundamental problem is
My social life—it dies!
IDK who would help me to
Find out about you guys

if I can help
the struggle sure is real
I hope your dad will ease up, man
It’s such a lousy deal

He’s coming for my cell phone now
Please help me find a date
It’s for the dance
I’ll text you soon



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