2020 Madness!Poetry

Cut the Cheese

Round 2 (IMPORTED) advanced

Matilda ran into a shop and yelled, “Imported cheese!

I’m having guests I must impress. I need suggestions, please.”

The merchant eyed Matilda. He said, “Choosing’s quite an art.

I must know more about your guests. Or I can’t even start!”

“If you are hosting cannibals, then limb-urger’s the star.

But if your guests are pirates then of course you serve chedd-AARR!

For guests who are religious here’s a way you cannot miss.

Nothing beats a holy cheese. Provide a tray of Swiss.”

“I’m so enthralled! I want them all. I’ve done the best I can.

No need to slice or cut up cheese. I have a grater plan.”



Round 2 (SPRY) advanced

Stegosaurus. Allosaurus. Iguanodon. T Rex.

They vanished enigmatically (my science book reflects.)

But first they roamed for years. It was a couple hundred million!

Then earth began to change when it let in its first civilian.

We’re innovative. Crafty. We’re inspired. Strong. And spry.

But what the dinos had on us is now in short supply.

You see, they coexisted. And they worked with Mother Earth.

Unlike the homo sapien, they knew the planet’s worth.

Will we befall a dino fate? Will we erase our mark?

I hope it’s not too late to change.

I HATE Jurassic Park.

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