9th Annual Holiday Contest 2019

Double Your Pleasure

My father is a Christian.
My mother is a Jew.
I’m half and half and get to have
my cake and eat it, too.

My buddies sometimes come to me
and ask which one’s the best.
It sort of bugs me when they ask.
It’s such a strange request.

With papa I get Santa
and presents ‘neath the tree.
We go to church at midnight
for the cool Nativity.

With mama, I get latkes
and festivals of lights.
There’s often games and singing, and
our candles burn eight nights.

With Christmas I learn that I should
bring happiness to others,
like shovel snow off neighbors’ walks
and help my little brothers.

With Chanukah I’ve learned to look
for miracles each day
and try to brighten up the night
and lighten someone’s way.

I don’t think I should have to choose
one holiday. Forget it.
Perhaps in time, I’ll change my mind,
but right now I don’t sweat it.

These holidays are different.
In no way are they linked.
(Although some calendars may make
them seem like they are synced.)

Christmas time and Chanukah
are not the same. Not close.
You can’t mix Bubbie’s brisket with
a candy cane. That’s gross!

But I’m not dinner. And I know
my family’s a blend.
We’re mixed with love. And that’s a treat
I highly recommend.

6 thoughts on “9th Annual Holiday Contest 2019

  1. Colleen Owen Murphy says:

    Joyce! I am excited I actually get to leave a reply. My nephews have this dual experience and I wonder if they have ever put this much thought into what each of the holidays means to them. My favorite part is where you speak to what the narrator learns from each holiday. Great job and good luck with the contest!

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