Good evening, Ghouls and Skeletons:

There’s no soiree tonight.

The ballroom is deserted. And the pumpkin squashed its light.

The witch that twitched along the ridge is home now safe and snugly.

Superfluous, she’s washed her face, no longer foul and ugly.

The cats that creeped through alleyways are lapping sweetened cream.

And roaming gangs in frightful masks are not presumed extreme.

We formulated protocols and planned to social distance.

But reservations slackened. We misjudged the crowd’s resistance.

We did our best, expecting guests. We figured there’d be plenty.

But Halloween cannot compete with scary 2020.


The Good Witch (2019)

Searching on this frenzied night,

my legs wrapped ‘round the broomstick tight,

I hollered as a ghost flew by,

“Is there a powder room nearby?”

Three caspers passed without assistance.

Then a sprite came from the distance.

Pointing to a shopping mall,

she reassured, “For nature’s call.”

While cobwebs, potions, tricks, and treats

charmed costumed revelers in the streets,

my urgent needs just couldn’t wait.

But I returned to thank my mate.

“I’m in your debt. What is your name?

You kept me from All Hallows’ shame.

You… POOF! appeared when I was nervous.”

“Robyn Campbell. At your service.”

Dedicated to friend and colleague, Robyn Campbell

4 thoughts on “Halloweensie

  1. Colleen Owen Murphy says:

    It is nice to be reminded of your tribute to Robyn from last year. ❤ And again this year you have incorporated current chaos into your story. I enjoyed your rhyme and alliteration. Good luck!

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