Spring Fling 2019

Sign of Spring

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Harry had a garden glitch.

His seedlings grew too slow.

And every cent that Harry spent

Could not make blossoms grow.


He bought a fern and tried to learn

How best to raise a plant.

But everywhere that he prepared

His bushes said, “We can’t.”


He tried to soothe his tiny sprouts.

He gently pruned and tended.

And he conveyed that with his aid

They’d prosper and be splendid.


“What makes him think that we can hear?

We’re doomed,” the flowers sighed.

“Why, Harry speaks your language, friends,”

The garden lawn replied.


When springtime came, the garden bloomed.

Our Harry had the powers.

For with his hands, he knew commands

That helped him talk to flowers.


American Sign Language sign for SPRING